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NE Cantolao FC is a direct-line South American program that aspires to help develop the best talent in NEPA and surrounding areas. Elite club players that exhibit an exceptional commitment and skill level may be invited overseas to train at professional academies.   

The Cantolao Elite program is designed for players that have higher levels of commitment.  Consequently, the program has much higher communication expectations of its players, and its players have higher expectations of their teammates. The required commitment level should be weighed carefully by both the player and his/her family prior to accepting an offer.  For those willing to meet this commitment, the skills that will be developed will be among the highest in the nation. It is our expectation and belief that all players are committing to all games and all tournaments when accepting the offer into the Cantolao Elite Program.  

Comprised of five boys and five girls teams (U-12, U-13, U-14, U-16, U-18), the players train a minimum of two or three times a week and play a maximum of two games under the supervision of our professional staff. The program is designed to give dedicated and talented players the training and experience needed to reach the highest levels of the game both nationally and internationally.



Official Partner Academy of a top team in Peru’s Liga1 – Academia Deportiva Cantolao.

NE Cantolao FC wants to have a positive impact in the community offering outstanding soccer growth opportunities and personal development. 

Our focus is to develop players to reach their maximum potential in a professional, fun and challenging environment. To provide first class experiences to boys and girls in NEPA and surrounding areas who have the potential to compete at the collegiate or professional level. To instill sporting values such as teamwork, effort, discipline, respect and a healthy lifestyle, among others.

Our vision is to provide a platform where players are given the highest quality of training and opportunities. Encourage players to participate on state, regional, and national teams. NE Cantolao FC develops an environment in which the soccer stars of the future will be nurtured and developed.

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Welcome to NE Cantolao FC!



The following information is as accurate as possible.  However, slight changes to tournaments, training days/times, and other modifications may be necessary as the season progresses.

  • League(s): Eastern Development Program (EDP).
  • Tournaments per Year: Varies depending on overall team need 7-10 possible.
  • Training Frequency: 2 per week all year round (Fall, Spring, Winter and Summer) – a third training day a week might be offered to some elite teams for fall and spring season only.
  • Goalkeeper Training: 1 per week.
  • Classroom Frequency: As needed
  • Skills Training: 1 per week. (optional)
  • Pre-Season Camp: 1 every season.

Commitment level: NECA Elite players CAN participate in other athletic, academic, and extracurricular activities. However, Elite players are expected to COMMUNICATE as early as possible (even before teams are formed). Game attendance should be communicated within a week to 10 days after schedules are released and any changes to attendance should be communicated ASAP. Players should prioritize soccer activities to the extent that tournaments are communicated in July for the upcoming year and every attempt should be made to support those planned events and make that commitment to the team.

Players should do everything possible to coordinate their activities in order to attend scheduled soccer training, classroom sessions, games, and tournaments. In instances of absences player should notify their coach with as much advanced notice as possible. Attendance concerns could affect playing time and/or participation in the Academy program depending on the circumstances and the consideration for the communication and working with the coach.


NECA FC Elite is a program that focuses on the individual development of highly-skilled, well-rounded soccer players with a proven curriculum based on national and international training methods. This program is designed to produce players that can consistently compete with top teams in the state, region and nation. Players that exhibit an exceptional commitment and skill level will have access to a customized player profile, guaranteeing the exposure of their talent to Colleges/Universities, Pro Academies and Pro Teams.

Being part of the NE Cantolao FC Elite program gives NECA FC Elite players direct access, direct training and coaching oversight of the NECA Founder Hubert Herrera.

Players are invited to join the program during tryouts at the end of spring season – roughly around mid May till July each year. Limited openings may exist during the year if a player is looking to join mid-year.

Note that, per NECA FC player development policy, tryouts are not required for admission into U10 and younger programs, and players can register for those programs each June.  Both registered and interested players are encouraged to participate in the tryout sessions to help the club place each player into the appropriate initial training group. You MUST register for tryouts even if you can not attend to be placed on a team.


Coaching is provided by NE Cantolao FC senior coaches. These coaches have demonstrated their delivery of the curriculum and have been carefully selected. Training and game oversight is directly overseen by NECA Founder Hubert Herrera.

Hubert Herrera

Coach Hubert Herrera is a United Soccer Coaches National Diploma holder. He is the former President of Cantolao USA Soccer Acacdemy in Mountain Top PA from 2005-2020. Cantolao USA was dedicated to helping Soccer players... (read more)

NECA FC Coaches

Coaches that have demonstrated their delivery of NE Cantolao FC curriculum are being selected to form part of the elite coaching staff. To have access to every elite coach, click on the button below (Other Coaches) and you will get full access to our elite staff.


Cost for the elite teams will vary depending on age group: $1200 – $1600. 

The elite program cost includes:

  • 12 months of 2 training sessions per week – ALL YEAR ROUND of soccer GUARANTEED!
  • 2 winter indoor soccer leagues
  • Registration fees
  • Insurance costs
  • Field/Facility rental fees
  • Coaching/Staffing fees
  • Training fees
  • Administrative/club fees
  • Membership fees: provides opportunities for private training, online training tools and resources, players profile, NECA FC detailed evaluations, and more.
  • Primary Fall and Spring League Fees

The elite program cost above does not include:

  • Uniform costs (see below for details)
  • Tournament costs: determined by teams, varies from $195-$350 per year.
  • Personal travel costs
  • Private training fees (optional)
  • Camps/clinics (optional)

How can we help you?


Special Thanks to the Academia Deportiva Cantolao Peru and his President Dante Mandriotti for believing in Coach Hubert Herrera and his staff members. We will keep building its legacy of outstanding Peruvian Soccer education.

Their hard work is seen in the reflection of the fruits of their labors, just to mention some of the players that have gone through the Cantolao program and today they are participating in important and demanding foreign leagues around the world.


From physical training and sports practice, participants are expected to reflect on their previous behavior, during and after; correct negative attitudes and apply this methodology of action to each of the actions that they carry out daily in their lives.

Through the reflection achieved during the sports practice, the aim is to promote in the participants nonviolent means for the resolution of conflicts, teamwork, solidarity, leadership and other values necessary for the construction of responsible individuals with their community, human rights and social justice.


Since its inception in the mid 70’s, Cantolao Peru Soccer Academy, a Peruvian school of soccer, has established itself as one of the premier soccer training centers in South America. After all these years, the premise of giving players the best coaching available remains with Cantolao Peru, that’s why Cantolao USA has a proud affiliation to Academia Deportiva Cantolao Peru.

Cantolao USA is dedicated to helping soccer players of all ages on develop skills and teaching players using the South American Training Methods (Peruvian, Brazilian, and Argentine styles of play).

Notable Players: Claudio Pizzarro (Werder Bremer), Juan Pajuelo (Ionikos FC-Greece), Jose Moisela (Belgrano de Cordova-Argentina), Francisco Bazan (Anorthosis Famagusta -Chipre), Daniel Chavez (Brujas FC-Belgium), Augusto Zambrano (Schalke04-Germany), Paolo de la Haza (Chernomorets Odessa-Ukraine).


2 Game Jerseys | 1 Game Shorts | 2 Game Pair of Socks: $120
2 Training T-Shirts: $30
For optional apparel, click on the link below to our online shop - access code: NECAFC


Coach Hubert Herrera is a United Soccer Coaches National Diploma holder. He is the former President of Cantolao USA Soccer Acacdemy in Mountain Top PA from 2005-2020. Cantolao USA was dedicated to helping Soccer players of all ages on develop skills and teaching players using the South American Training methods {Peruvian,Brazilian and Argentine styles of play). Played Semi-professional and the minor division in Sporting Cristal. He is an affiliate of the Peruvian Soccer Academy, Academia Deportiva Cantolao, 1st Division Professional Team in Peru. He is the President of NECA FC since 2020.


$100 Monthly for 12 months | $300 Trimestral payments (every three months) | $1200 One time payment.
This includes: ALL YEAR ROUND training Fees, Coaching Fees, Staff Fees, Field Rentals, 2 winter indoor soccer leagues and Club Fees. Players can also pay in full for the full year or trimestral payments. Note that once a year there is a registration fee of $60 to renew players membership.


Family discount applies. For two siblings, the first one pays full fee ($100) and second one $70.
We also have packages for more than two siblings. If you are interested in getting your family discount code, reach out to us at

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